5 Side Hustles You Can Do on Your Own Schedule

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, no one could precisely estimate how much it would affect people. As it turns out now, though, rising living costs are one of the pandemic’s undeniable effects. Hence, many people now need a side hustle to better their economic statuses. Besides, one boss is enough stress, and no one wants a second boss. 

This article shares five side hustles you could do within your schedule without quitting your main course. For example, robbing your precious family time or being under a second boss. Instead, you will be your own boss and do something of your own liking while earning a few bucks.

1.  Transcribe with transcription companies.

Although you might be very busy with your main course, there are definitely times of the week or the day when you are free. You can take advantage of these and get gigs with which to supplement your family income. Working as a transcriber for transcription companies is one of such side hustles that will fit nicely into your schedule. What’s more, many companies, including Scribbie, GoTranscript, Rev.com, and TranscribeMe, specialize in transcription, and you will not lack something.

Furthermore, you will be in for some good deals while transcribing audio files. For instance, GoTranscript pays up to $5 for a ten-minute audio file that you could handle in 20minutes, while Rev.com pays up to $7 for the same file. So, however busy you might be, it would not be much trouble to create an hour to do something you enjoy and supplement your main course. Moreover, as you gain more experience, you can qualify to work as an editor, which will require you to edit the transcribed files and get better pay. 

2. Become a freelancer.

When many people hear about freelancing, they often associate it with youngsters, especially college and university students. However, while they may be the majority of people who earn through this gig, such jobs do not necessarily belong to them. You can comfortably try freelancing jobs as your side hustles fit nicely into your schedule. In fact, following the Covid-19 pandemic break out, the number of freelancers has crazily increased.

If you choose to freelance, there are many options out there for you. For instance, some people run small businesses within your locality and wish that someone would help them design a web page for their gig. However, large firms charge crazy prices they cannot afford. And you could be their savior by setting relatively and putting something into your pocket. In fact, for better results, walk from one business premise to the other and market yourself and also ensure an online presence. 

3. Start a YouTube channel or blogging.

The other side hustle that can fit nicely into your schedule is blogging or starting a YouTube channel. Are you passionate about something, say makeup, health, or finance? You could turn this into a lucrative gig by blogging about them. First, however, you need to ensure that your content is relevant to your audience to keep them blogging. Then, as the page grows, you also earn through affiliate links, commissions, and advertisements.

Starting a YouTube channel is another good side hustle that can fit your schedule. And bring you income because YouTube is the fastest-growing media platform in the 21st century. In addition, there are multiple ways of creating YouTube videos even without appearing in them. For example, why not try making music lyrics and the ‘how to’ videos? They will help you earn even if you are camera shy, without necessarily showing your face. All you need to do is keep your content relevant to your target audience.

4. Become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistance is another fast-growing venture you would like to try without dropping your main course. For example, many people are doing research. They need someone to help them with data entry or email management, and you could be the person they need. What’s more, virtual assistance enables you to earn additional skills and experience as you work with people in specialized niches.

Furthermore, to be a virtual assistant, you don’t need any exotic or extraordinary skills. Most of the time, people who need virtual assistance practically need ‘an assistant,’ not someone who will do the entire job. Provided you are available for learning, you will be coached on what to do. In addition, like other side hustles, virtual assistance has many offers, and you just need to select your area of interest. Graphic design, spreadsheet management, and web hosting are some of the best-paying virtual assistant jobs.

5. Create a digital product training program.

Creating a digital program where you train people on a particular product or field is not everyone’s piece of meat. It could just be the right field for you to venture in and earn from a side hustle of your own liking. Like with virtual assistance and freelancing, many people out there wish to learn how to do something. This is where you come in handy and offer the needed help and advice. For instance, you could start a program that teaches people how to host websites and domains, fix web pages, and use statistical packages.

Moreover, you need not teach technical skills only. For instance, are you an experienced plumber? Do you know how to fix leakages, sinks, and holes? You could equally start a program that trains people how to do such tasks. Depending on how relevant your content is and how you present it, you may earn a huge following fast and start making a few bucks from such a side hustle. Besides, this will happen within your schedule since you are your own boss.

The bottom line

The living cost keeps rising every day; hence the need for side hustles keeps growing. If you are good at doing things within your schedule, you could turn your skills into money without interfering with your main course or family time. 

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.