Questions to Ask Your Book Cover Designer

Questions to Ask Your Book Cover Designer

If you are hiring a book cover designer to create your book cover, then there are certain questions that you definitely want to ask. These questions will help you weed out book designers that are going to make a poor quality cover for you. If you are self-publishing, then you definitely want the best book cover possible, and there are lots of graphic artists out there that may be talented in other areas but know nothing about book cover designs. This will help you to actually hire a book cover designer that will get you to the top of the bestseller lists.

How Many Book Covers Have You Designed?

The first question you have to ask your book cover designer is how many covers they’ve actually designed you want someone has experience with the cover designs because they are different than other graphic designs. Someone may be very good at designing business logos, but that does not mean that they are good at designing the perfect book cover. If you want to be able to sell your book, then you’re going to have to have a great cover design.

Have You Read My Book?

You also want to know whether or not they have read your book. If they have not read your book or lease know what it is about, then they are not going to have very good success at design e-book cover design that fits your book. You want readers to be able to look at your cover and choose to buy, but when they are finished reading it they should also understand how the book cover design fits in with the book.

What Are Your Ideas for My Book Cover Design?

Ask your designer what sort of ideas they have for your book cover design. If you can get some of the ideas from them, then you will know what sort of designs they are planning and can veto any ideas that do not fit your own idea of what your cover should be. While you should give your cover designers some leeway, they should still be designing something you want.

Where Do You Get Your Stock Photos?

Something else that you should be asking them is where they get their stock photos. A good book cover designer will get their stock photos from a legitimate stock photo site and have permission to use them. If they are getting their stock photos from somewhere that they do not have permission to use, then your book cover design is useless because someone could easily sue you for your cover design and take all of the money you’ve made from your book.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Finally, you should ask your cover designer if they offer any guarantees. Your book cover designer should be able to offer some sort of guarantee you will like the design that they choose or they will fix it for you. If not, then you may want to move on to a different designer.

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