The Best Programs for Kindle Formatting

Best Programs for Kindle Formatting

Most people think that Kindle formatting is a really complex process that takes weeks or requires a professional editor. While an editor can certainly be useful when it comes to improving your content, the truth about Kindle formatting is that it is so easy that you can usually do it yourself. However, for those who want a little extra help when it comes to Kindle formatting, there are a few programs out there that can help. Let’s look at four of the best programs for Kindle formatting.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is definitely the best program out there when it comes to Kindle formatting. Microsoft Word is free, assuming that you already have it installed on your computer, and even if it isn’t you can get it installed for a nominal fee if you go with the office 365 monthly program. Microsoft Word is incredibly useful when it comes to Kindle book publishing because you can add page breaks that will control when the Kindle moves to another page and Amazon even has a plug-in that allows you to preview Kindle books in Microsoft Word.


Juto is a useful program for those who are doing more than the traditional Kindle publishing without any pictures, charts, graphs or others. This program takes a great deal of the work out of the HTML that has to go into Kindle formatting for many nonfiction books or children’s books with pictures in them. This is a really user-friendly program that you will bill the pickup in no time, but like everything else on the list besides Microsoft Word, the price tag can be a little scary.


Reedsy is a program that advertises professional formatting without all the work that goes into it. While the program is fairly easy to use, and does take a great deal of the learning curve out of the equation that you would have to cover with Microsoft Word, there isn’t much offered be on the ability to format books more quickly. However, this program does have a lot of useful information and advice when it comes to getting your book ready for publication promotion.


One of the best writing and publishing programs out there is Scrivener. Scrivener is a premium writing program that allows you to divide up your work into different chapters, scenes and more. You can even create notecards for characters and settings. Basically, Scrivener gives you all of the tools that you could possibly want to write a short story or novel. The program does cost money, but you can get a free trial and the best news is when it comes to formatting this program not only helps you with formatting, but can actually publish to various e-book formats, which means that you can do all your writing and publishing directly in the application. If you want a comprehensive program that gives you all of the writing tools you could want and then allows you to export to Kindle format or any of the other e-book formats, then this is the right tool for you.

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